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Sizing and Shipping


My buckles are all trophy style buckles so that your waist size is the same as your belt size.  If, for example, you wear size 34 pants and you wear your pants at your waist, you would choose a size 34.  For low rise jeans, choose one size bigger than your usual pants size,so you would order a size 36. You can also size the belt from an existing one by doing the following:

1. Put your existing belt on and note which hole you are most comfortable in.
2. Take belt off and lay it on a flat surface.
3. Measure the distance from the very top of the buckle to the hole you are most comfortable in.  This is your center hole measurement and the number you would use when choosing a size.  Please order to the nearest inch.

If you want to be sure of the correct size, give me your waist and hip size in the "instructions to merchant" section.   All of my belts have 5-7 holes spaced 1" apart.   There are no returns or exchanges on straps that are sized.  If you have a question regarding sizing, please contact me before you order.



1 - 3 belts $9.99
4-7 belts $14.99
8 or more belts $19.99


Because my belts are all handmade, I cannot offer a refund.  However, I can offer an exchange on the belt buckle only. There are no returns or exchanges on the straps or on custom orders.



Buckles that are sold out can be ordered and will be shipped within six weeks. Simply contact me via e-mail to order.